Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Beach!!

I had been to an interesting place few weeks before. It's a restaurant called "The Beach" at Indira Nagar. It was a birthday treat and we (seven of my friends) reached there around 7 PM that friday straight from the office.

As we entered the restaurant, we were thrilled by it's very look - sand everywhere, open sky with small huts here and there covered by palm leaves, a pillow on top of a cut coconut trunk replacing the traditional chairs, a mini flat bole of a tree supported by two bamboo sticks replacing tables, spherical candles everywhere that were the only source of light, a mini light house at one corner, small pool of water at another corner (supposed to be the beach but it had very little water), a small but deep pit containing water that had fishes, crabs and couple of water snakes, heavy rock music in the air, cute girls all around....I should say nothing short of an electric atmosphere.

We were welcomed by a Chinese cutie who led us to a small hut. Next to us were a couple who were resting their body on a bed (yeah... there were few beds in the restaurant on a corner and they had two cylindrical rests as well). My friend ordered some side dishes - 'Californian potato with Skin', 'Mexican veg fry' and chicken/prawn dishes, which had some fancy names. We were stumped when we saw - 'un-pealed salted potato cut into slices', 'masal vada', 'chicken bajji', and 'prawn bajji' on our plates. I could not believe that we spent 15o bucks for 1 plate of masal vada!! We ate hell lot of side dishes - mostly sea food, mocktails, and finally some rice. If I say that the food wasn't all that great, it is definitely euphemistic- I was puking that night.

At 9 PM, the DJ stepped in. Rocks transformed into Hip-hops. One girl alone was dancing for half an hour. Then all of a sudden, few more guys and girls stepped in. At 10:30, almost everyone in the place, except us were dancing. A couple were twisting their body ferociously and my friend told me that it is called "Salsa" (It should be some weird form of dance!!). At 11 PM, after watching all those fun around us, even we shaked our head for sometime (it's strange to find most people dancing with their head and hips; but legs glued on the ground) and left the place by 11:30, not before spending a memorable evening at ' The Beach'.

You know what... girls get unlimited beer for free of cost during wednesdays - should we call them 'feminists' ?!

Definitely worth going there once, only if some one else pays!!
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