Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beware of the Petrol Bunk cheats!!

Last weekend, I had been to a petrol bunk in BTM, a place in south Bangalore, to fill petrol for my two wheeler - A black Pulsar. As usual the petrol bunk was crowded. It took 10 minutes for me to reach the fag end of the queue but I had fun time ogling at a call center girl (I guess so) who was standing before me in pink T-Shirt and skin tight blue jeans. Then all of a sudden, I heard a male voice - 'yashtu guru' (meaning 'for how much boss').

There were couple of guys standing near me - a petrol bunk worker to my right and a cash collector to my left. To my surprise, both those guys were unusually very friendly. The cash collector smiled at me and asked me for how much should he fill my tank. I asked him to fill for 100 bucks. He ordered the first guy to fill my tank and asked me to check for zero reading. He asked me if I am from Madras. I nodded my head and paid all my attention to catch the last glimpse of that pink T-shirt, who was flying away in her scooty. As and when the other guy was filling the tank, the cash collector got 100 bucks from me. The first guy stopped filling the tank, when the reading showed 'Rs. 30'. I got shocked and I shouted at them that I paid 100 bucks but they filled my tank only for 30 bucks. The cash collector, in turn shouted at the other guy and asked him to fill the remaining petrol. The other guy, immediately opened the petrol tank knob and started filling the petrol. I was sort of relieved.

As and when I turned my head towards the petrol tank to have a look at the reading, the cash collector asked me if I needed any bill (Strange!! Till that day no petrol bunk-wala asked me this question?!). I replied in negative and turned the other side to look at the reading- it read 'Rs.70'. I shouted at him that I paid 100 and not 70. The other guy was very cool and told me that he filled for 30 bucks initially, then for 70 bucks and so totally 100 bucks. I was about to loose my temper. But then, the cash collector told me, "Yenna sir, namba oor karar neenga. ungala poi yemathuvoma?!" (then does it mean that he cheats all other people?!). Though I wasn't convinced, I moved out of that bunk.

I forgot the incident until today morning, when my vehicle stopped running in the middle of the road. I checked the meter to find that I had driven my bike only for 65 Kms since I filled my petrol tank - normally it will be a number close to 100. I realized that those guys filled the tank only for 70 bucks.

In retrospecting the whole incident, I realized that it was a well planned cheat. I remember, few months ago, my room mate (Murali) was screaming that he was cheated by some petrol bunk-walas. Now, I realize how bad he would have felt that day!
In spite of being extra careful, I wasn't able to dodge from those rogues. :-(

PS: For all of you arguing that I wasn't careful enough, I should say - Me ogling at that girl in pink T-shit definitely didn't contribute to the plot !


ThaniX said...

hmm.. I was dumbstruck at this!

I have had a similar experience with ravi when filling petrol in ulsoor which appeared to be a cheat for both of us. It is exactly the same scenario, there is one guy who collects cash and another guy who fills petrol. damnnn!! The cash collector starts distracting you by collecting cash, while the guy fills the petrol.

Now I realize that it is happening at many places. Best thing to do is not to lift up the purse, until the guy shows the reading properly upto the last ruppee. Give the money only after the petrol is filled. *No hurry*, relax!

Partly we are to be blamed for this, because somehow or other we are in a hurry or get distracted to what other people are doing ther.

kart said...

That is true da. We are also parly responsible for such events.

On seeing this I get reminded of the film -'Anniyan'. These kind of small cheats should not be forgiven?!

scipio said...

Kicha ended up with the same problem but made sure that he got his due... This seems to be a universal method of stealng petrol irrespective of the city.
Useless retards with no ethics... sad indeed... Don't they realise that they are probably losing a customer

kart said...

You are rite da. I could hear many such instances from my team mates as well.
Guys at Bangalore be careful when filling petrol in BTM Petrol bunk, the one opposite to IBM.